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Please enter your contact details and a short message below and we will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

We always respond to all enquiries when contacted via the contact form.

The issue is then reviewed & answered as quick as possible.

This station  relies on your feedback whether it is either positive or negative.

Contact us soon & let us know your thoughts.

Contact us  if you want any advice or help on anything to do with setting up your own radio station.

Contact us  regarding any issues regarding any of the current Endurance Radio streams.

What streams would like to see added to our network, let us know & we will look at adding it to our network in the near future.

Do you like our website , let us know your thoughts !!

PS. if your are experiencing any problems listing to any of our streams please lets us know.

Nothing can be more frustrating than to listen to some great tune on Internet Radio that suddenly begins to stutter, slow down or pause for a moment because of buffering issues. I’d like to provide you with an option to resolve most of these buffering issues so that you can listen to Internet Radio the way it is supposed to be (that is without interruption).

Step 1

Check that your computer hardware and network speed meets the service’s minimum requirements. We recommend a minimum of at least a 1.5-Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM — as well as 150Kbps Internet speed.

Step 2

Close down any other bandwidth-heavy application. Even if you exceed the minimum network requirements, your connection only has so much bandwidth to go around. If you’re streaming video, downloading files or using a VoIP service this can slow down your Internet connection, and cause more buffering trouble. Other computer users on the network can also cause your Internet radio stream to buffer too often.

Step 3

Try a different browser. Sometimes a different browser will work better with some services. If you’re using an outdated browser, such as IE7 or an early version of Firefox, consider updating your browser.

If you fancy setting up your own radio station you will need the following;

Option 1

  1. Cheap Shoutcast Hosting
  2. Shoutcast Stream Control Software
  3. Licences ( MP3 licence for SC- Trans, CentovaCast, WHMSonic , PRS.

Option 2

  1. VPS Server
  2. Shoutcast Stream Control Software
  3. Licences ( MP3 licence for SC- Trans, CentovaCast, WHMSonic , PRS.

Cheap Vps Hosting consider any of the following listed below;

Cheap Shoutcast Hosting

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